Graceful has successfully manufactured and delivered a variety of protective garment solutions to police departments, security organisations and other law enforcement bodies within budgetary targets while meeting and exceeding product capability requirements.

Our proven garment manufacturing capability includes the supply of independently certified high visibility safety vests for the NSW police force; independently tested NSW police wet weather jacket and pants ensemble, full body protective rain gear for the Alpine police services and a customised fit for purpose motorcycle police protective apparel system.

Graceful prides itself on the delivery of high quality, functional garments at an affordable price to meet the constraints of budgetary requirements. The products are independently tested and certified by NATA, HKAS or UKAS approved laboratories to ensure 100% compliance to the latest international fabric, protective clothing and other standard legislation requirements.

Our business methodology ensures that Graceful’s technical garment solutions will provide outstanding protection and comfort for your law enforcement personnel, therefore providing the law enforcement agencies with the protection required to perform and to deliver the highest level of service for their serving community.