Over the years, Graceful has designed, developed, manufactured and delivered technical garment solutions for military forces, providing these customers with innovative, high quality, purpose built, functional product solutions that meet the highest level of operational effectiveness and user protection.

Our service partner relationship approach is to collaborate with Defence industry, review the technical, design and operational requirements through consultation and client specification, define the project scope from this process and to design, develop, produce and deliver a functional clothing system which meets or exceeds the user specified scope of requirements.

Our track record in delivering functional protective clothing solutions to the Defence sector dates back to over a decade since the release of the Australian Defence Force’s first technical wet weather ensemble contract in the 1990’s.

Graceful (aka Worldcat Pty Ltd) successfully manufactured and delivered a fully customised, fit for purpose wet weather apparel solution for the Australian Defence Force with outstanding results over the service life of the contract. Ever since this success, Graceful focused its resources in building and expanding its competitive advantage in the field of highly technical protective clothing solutions for specialised industries such as the military.

This strategic focus is based on the development of long term, mutually beneficial and professional business relationships with various stakeholders including the ultimate users to provide functional, combat and non combat garment solutions that deliver value on two important deliverables:

  • Value for money acquisition solutions
  • Meets and exceeds capability requirements

As a result, Graceful has designed, developed and manufactured multiple functional garment solutions for the different sectors within the Australian Defence Force including the Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force and Royal Australian Navy to ensure that the servicemen and women of Australia are protected with the highest level of confidence.