We understand that each client is unique in nature as they are faced with different levels of security threats, climate conditions and exposed variables according to their diverse field and occupational environment. Therefore, we understand that each client’s personal protective equipment and clothing needs will vary and they shall have distinctive functional purposes for each individual need to provide adequate protection, performance and support for their most important asset – human asset.

In summary, Graceful acknowledges the need to support our clients with the provision of ‘fit for purpose’ technical apparel solutions for individual needs.

Our valued service partner relationship that we share with our client’s ensures total customer satisfaction throughout each stage of the product lifecycle.

With our proven experience and management system, Graceful is able to translate the complex journey from identification of our customer’s threats through to product design, development, manufacturing, delivery and logistics and after sales support into a seamless and rewarding acquisition experience.


Tailored Service Solution

As Graceful prides itself on customised solutions for our clients, we are proud to offer a tailored services for your organisations individual functional, protective garment needs. Whether the service demand is for a single pattern making service or for a fully tailored garment design, development, manufacturing and supply arrangement; you can be certain that we have the capability and experience to manage your individual technical garment requirements without the risk associated on product performance, conformance, quality and service.

Graceful aims to align its business closely with your individual capability requirements as a global private industry service partner.

Our Service Offering Includes:

  • Individual project consultation
  • Product design and development services (Electronic design output and CAD patterning services)
  • Sample development and prototype services
  • Technical specification and documentation services
  • Globally certified product testing services
  • Project costing and budgeting
  • Project Planning
  • Production Scheduling
  • Small to large scale technical garment manufacturing services
  • Supply chain and logistics services
  • Full product lifecycle and contract management support

Graceful is the strategic service partner for all of your Military and Law Enforcement technical garment acquisition needs.