Global military and law enforcement organisations are continually faced with unforeseen threats that directly affect the safety and protection of their human assets and service personnel. This emerging threat places a demand from Government and private industry to partner and cooperate to address these issues and to ensure that their most valuable assets are protected with the most innovative and cost effective apparel technologies in the market.

The innovative technologies not only provide a higher level of safety and protection in order for the soldier or law enforcement officers to operate at maximum efficiency, they also incorporate performance features that directly contribute to the comfort of the user for prolonged and enhanced operational performance. We value innovation in leading edge fabric material, manufacturing processes and product technologies and we shall continue to support the Defence and Law Enforcement industry with these innovations.

At Graceful, we understand the importance of protective apparel for Military and Law Enforcement personnel and we are committed to working alongside Government industry to identify the root cause of these threats and to design an effective customised protective apparel solution for the intended operational environment.