Human exposure to cold environments can affect the productivity, morale and health of your personnel and in extreme scenarios, prolonged exposure to cold environments may result in hypothermia and death. Suitable protective clothing can reduce downtime, improve team morale, reduce staff turnover and in extreme circumstances, prevent the onset of hypothermia due to exposure to cold environments.

Graceful Asia has been developing and manufacturing complete cold weather apparel solutions suitable for use in cold weather, extreme cold conditions and freezer/cool room temperature climates for many years.

Graceful’s extreme cold, fit for purpose garment features include:

  • Option of thermal insulation with RET thermal resistance testing
  • Thermal resistance performance below freezing 0oC temperature environments
  • Fully seam sealed waterproof / breathable fabric material option
  • High loft fleece fabric material option with waterproof / breathable capabilities
  • Fire retardant (FR) option
  • Fit for purpose tailored cold weather garment solutions

Graceful’s extreme cold weather protected clients include:

  • Military trials
  • Leading Australian publicly listed retailers
  • Global and domestic cold storage and logistics organisations


To find out how we can help protect your personnel from extreme cold weather temperature environments, please contact us and we will work with you to design and offer the best solution for your individual circumstances.