Company Background

As a privately owned and operated functional and technical clothing services organisation, Graceful is committed to providing ‘design, development and manufacturing’ services to meet the specialised requirements of high demand industries including law enforcement agencies, military, global PPE providers and leading technical outdoor and sporting apparel companies from across the globe.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Graceful’s success in the personal protective (PPE) clothing and industrial safety garments sector has been built from the company’s strong capability in designing, manufacturing and delivering internationally accredited and certified protective clothing solutions to a range of Government departments and leading private industry organisations .

Graceful’s portfolio of specialised, fit for purpose protective apparel products for the industrial safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) market includes PPE solutions for the following high demand, safety driven industries.

• Electrical and utilities
• Hazardous chemical transport
• Petrochemical
• Oil, gas and mining
• Extreme cold storage and transport

Graceful’s service partner relationship with its client’s ensures that the protective apparel product will be designed, developed, manufactured and delivered to protect your staff from their individual threats that are unique to their specific field environments without the compromise for quality and performance while conforming to specific industry standards and legislation requirements.