In today’s environment, it is not uncommon for a business to spend millions of dollars to design and implement various forms of physical safety measures and administrative controls to reduce the risk of work hazards to their most valuable assets, the employees.

In almost all workplace environments, these hazard control mechanisms cannot be solely relied upon to provide sufficient protection for their employees. Therefore, personal protective equipment (PPE) and personal protective clothing is issued by organisations as the last barrier against hazards to reduce the risk of injury, illness and death.

Not only does a safety hazard have the potential to cause serious injury and death to your employees, but it can also result in an increase in general costs such as businesses insurance premiums, ongoing litigation and compensation costs in addition to an increase in indirect business costs such as a reduction in business productivity and irreversible brand damage.

Due to the critical importance of personal protective clothing, it is vital to select and identify the most suitable and functional technical fabric materials, special trimming, garment design for your businesses individual hazardous safety requirement.

This decision should be carefully evaluated to ensure that the workforce is protected against industry and workplace specific hazards with the most appropriate protective clothing solution available.

At Graceful, we design, develop, manufacture and deliver fit for purpose, technical protective clothing solutions via a client focused ‘Service partner’ relationship to ensure that your workplace is compliant with applicable OHS legislations and your most valuable asset remains protected from workplace hazards.