While working with flammable liquids, gases and sensitive electrical components, a number of workplace hazards present themselves which can lead to electrostatic discharge and ignition, thus potentially causing an explosion and injury or harm to the health and safety of an employee.

This safety hazard has lead to the technological development of anti-static protective clothing material that is proven to provide a level of surface protection from the risk of explosion while delivering durability and comfort to the employee.

The application of anti-static technology can be incorporated into normal work wear, protective coveralls, chemical protection suits and even technical wet weather garments.

Graceful’s protective anti-static technical garment solutions are suitable for:

  • Oil and Gas companies
  • Energy utility providers
  • Electrical component manufactures
  • Heavy manufacturing industry
  • Fuel Distribution companies
  • Defence applications


To find out how we can help protect your personnel from electrostatic discharge risk environments, please contact us and we will work with you to design and offer the best solution for your individual business requirement.