Electrical arc flash and flame ignition hazards are on the rise and the danger that these hazards can cause to the health of the workforce is significant and in some instances, irreversible. Therefore, the demand for functional protective flame retardant and flame resistant clothing is increasing at a phenomenal rate.

The proven approach to protect personnel from electrical arc and fire hazards is through functional specific garments that are adopted to cater for the specific challenges for your operational and work environment.

Where there is a risk of fire, fire resistant and fire retardant clothing will not burn and self-extinguish which extremely important in protecting your workforce from flammable hazards. In the presence of hot sparks or a naked flame, many fabrics will burn, posing a significant hazard to the user. A fire retardant or self-extinguishing fabric is essential for the well-being of your personnel.

Graceful has been designing, refining and manufacturing complete fire retardant garments for a diverse range of industries with tailored fit for purpose solutions over many years. These technical protective clothing solutions range from base layer under shirt garments to mid layer work wear uniforms through to full protective outer layer coverall ensembles.

Features of Graceful’s fire retardant garment solutions include:

  • Industry standard (ISO and EN) conforming FR fabric material
  • Input materials rated to industry specific FR standard e.g. threads, buttons, accessories and seam tape
  • Independently tested and certified products to NFPA, ISO and EN industry standards according to individual client requirements.

Graceful is proud to have protected the following clients with fire retardant garment solutions:

  • Military personnel
  • Law enforcement and police services personnel
  • Oil and gas drilling personnel
  • National electrical utilities services provider
  • Heavy manufacturing industry

To find out how we can help protect your personnel from arc flash and fire related hazards, please contact us and we will work with you to design and offer the best solution for your individual business requirement.