Excellence in product design and development is the backbone to the success of all functional and technical apparel products as these products must perform to the desired level of protection and functional performance as defined by the user and its application.

Graceful’s design and development objective is to meet these protection and performance specifications without compromising on comfort levels that would be acceptable to the user’s specific application environment.

Over the years, Graceful has provided design and development services for a diverse range of users including the Australian Defence Force, Royal Australian Navy, Royal Australian Airforce, Australian Federal Police, NSW Motorcycle Police, Telstra, Ausgrid (previously known as Energy Australia), Railcorp and a vast range of global outdoor and sporting apparel brands.

Graceful’s team of experienced and highly skilled complex garment designers and patterning specialists offer a seamless service partner experience as the company possesses the ‘technical know-how’ and technology to transform your functional, performance need and design concept into a fit for purpose prototype to meet and exceed the most rigorous demands in your specialised protective safety or outdoor and sporting industry.

Graceful’s design and development services include:

  • Electronic design and sketch
  • Electronic concept patterning
  • Electronic production patterning
  • Grade ruling or client grade implementation
  • Cutting marker development