Hunting can take many forms each of which places its unique requirements on the hunter’s clothing system.

Stalking and still hunting typically require clothing that is lightweight, quiet, provides a level of insulation, and rain protection.

Hunting with dogs typically requires clothing that provides a level of insulation and rain protection. However, as the hunter is not covering as much distance and the dogs are bringing out the game, weight and noise generation is not a high priority.

Driving game typically requires clothing that provides a level of insulation and rain protection. Lighter clothing systems can be advantageous as the line of hunters is walking through the environment towards the other line. However, noise generation is not as high as a priority as other hunting formats.

Blind hunting or stand hunting typically requires clothing that is quiet and provides a high level of insulation and rain protection. As the hunter sits in the stand for long periods with minimal movement, weight is a low priority. However, as the hunter’s movement is kept to a minimum the hunter is likely to feel the cold due to wind and rain.

  • Stalking = lightweight, quiet, insulated, rainproof, breathable
  • Dog hunting = insulation, rainproof, breathable
  • Driving = insulation, rainproof, breathable, lightweight
  • Blind hunting or Stand hunting = quiet, insulation, rainproof, breathable

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