Skiing and snowboarding is an activity that is extremely demanding on apparel. The clothing will need to provide effective protection in warm spring days, cold blue sky days as well as in blizzard or rain conditions for the more hard core skier/boarder who does not wish to waste any day on the slopes. Combined with the wildly varying mountain weather, skiing apparel must provide versatility and effective protection in a variety of conditions.

To cater for the physical exertion levels by the skier and the varying weather conditions in the region, the use of a complete layering system is highly recommended. This allows the skier to reduce the clothing they are wearing in warm conditions and to increase the layers of clothing they are wearing if they feel cold. This can often be the case during a long day on the slopes.

The outer layer is subject to unique demands in keeping the skier dry and comfortable, whilst carrying the durability in its construction to last multiple seasons. As the skier/boarder falls or sits in the snow, inadequate design and construction will permit water from the melting snow to enter into the skier’s/boarder’s clothing.

The design of the clothing must be considered carefully to prevent / minimise snow and water intrusion during blizzards, rain and falls. In addition, the material used must be sturdy enough to resist abrasion from falling on skis/boards, sitting on rocks and to survive general wear and tear.

The clothing system must be flexible, allowing a skier/boarder who is feeling warm from their run to cool down whilst being easily adjusted for the cold ski lift ride where the skier/boarder is cooling down with minimal physical activity.

The design of the clothing system is a major consideration and has to allow for unhindered movement by the skier/boarder whilst satisfying the unique demands of this sport.

  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Durable – abrasion resistant
  • Unhindered body movement

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